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Ever since

I was a little girl, I’d scavenge for flowers whether it was in the yard, my grandpa’s garden or in the ditch.

There was just something about the feeling of having a vase of fresh flowers on the table that brought a smile to my face and the sweet aroma that filled the air.



Can you relate?

Brighten your home and mood with fresh cut flowers

Our flower subscription is for you.

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Our biweekly or weekly flower subscription

Now years later, flowers are still part of me.


And it's my goal to bring those feelings of joy, happiness and love to others by making local, fresh flowers more accessible. 

Fresh Cut Flowers Rijke's Produce Farm Flower Subscription _edited.jpg

I loved the flower subscription! Each bouquet was different and beautiful. Such an amazing variety of flowers and so wonderfully arranged. It was always a fun surprise to go and pick it up.

Heidi B


This flower subscription is carefully curated to bring you 7 or 14 bouquets/arrangements of local, fresh flowers that match the season throughout July-October.

Our flowers stand out, with our attention to detail in the varieties, the colours and the compositions. You will be sure to receive a unique bouquet, hand picked, arranged and wrapped in kraft paper. 


It is simple, beautiful and unique


Sign up for a biweekly subscription


Every other week (or every week) meet at a pick-up location in your community to receive your bouquet


Enjoy the aroma of fresh, beautiful flowers on your table

What I liked most was not only were the flowers stunning with variety, but every selection was a piece of art, which became a focal point in the room. I discovered that I wasn't just getting flowers, but rather a caring, thoughtful design that put me in a happy state of mind throughout my day. I would highly recommend the flower subscription to anyone.

Wanda G

Don’t be disappointed again with grocery store flowers that feel like a waste of money when they die quickly.


Instead, look forward to the excitement of receiving your bouquet, the element of surprise upon pick up, and the quality of a beautiful, long lasting bouquet. 


rpf (155).jpg

This makes the perfect gift

Select that special person that deserves a regular dose of fresh, seasonal flowers like your partner, your mother for mother’s day, a friend for their birthday, a loved one in a retirement home, or treat yourself!


If you are giving this subscription to a loved one, we can email a printable card to give to the recipient so they know exactly what they are receiving. 


If you are giving this purchase please leave the recipient's name and email address in the notes section at checkout so we can get in touch with them about pick up/delivery at that time. 

PLUS! Included in your box...

How to get your bouquet

You can pick up your biweekly bouquet at a designated pick-up location in your community.

Morrisburg, Kemptville, Winchester or Iroquois

I always looked forward to the weeks I would receive the flower subscription, it was a lovely surprise every time. The bouquets were very well put together, creative combinations of flowers superior to many other flowers I’ve received. The flowers lasted more than a week and are very good value for what is received.

Melodie B


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