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Hi there, thanks for stopping by! We’re Brian and Jenny Rijke and we began Rijke’s Produce Farm in March 2020, a local, family-owned and operated farm in Morrisburg, ON.


Depending on when you stop by the farm, you may see us preparing to plant our crops for our weekly produce boxes, harvesting our fresh produce, arranging our farm fresh flowers, or playing with our three little ones.


If you see us, don’t be shy - say hello! 

Having both grown up on our respective family farms, we’ve always been passionate about farming and growing great food for our family and our community.


We feel strongly about being able to better serve our community by improving our local food system while reducing the carbon footprint by providing these local products that reduce factories, transportation, energy, and packaging. We care about our local environment by choosing to make responsible farming choices and sustainable practices.


We have three young children, Azelie, Ezra and Boaz. Azelie loves to be creative with crafts and is always making something for someone. Ezra loves all things tractors and tools and is always eager to pitch in with his toy screwdriver. Boaz, well he's just so cute and tiny still. They all love going for rides around the farm, watching the crops grow and enjoy tasting the harvest. 

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You will be able to find us at our newly built home market on our farm in Morrisburg and by serving the community through our weekly produce box membership.


We offer vegetables, fruit, and fresh cut flower bouquets. To see our full list of produce check out What We Grow. Whether you’re looking to score some fresh tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers for a quick salad, seeking juicy melons to combat the summer heatwave, or in need of some winter squash for a hearty soup - Rijke’s Produce Farm has it all. 

Looking for something we don’t grow yet? Reach out and let us know, we’re always looking for inspiration to expand our produce offerings to better serve our community.


Questions? We are happy to help! 

Please contact us by calling (613) 543-2399 or by emailing

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