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Fresh Spring Rolls

These veggie packed spring rolls are a great alternative to the usual fried type. They are a great cool summertime appetizer or lunch and delicious dipped in peanut butter sauce.


1 Head Lettuce,

1 Red Pepper

1 large Carrot

1 Cucumber

10 Basil leaves. chopped

1 Block Vermicelli noodles (optional)

15 Rice wraps


¼ cup peanut butter (if using natural peanut butter add ½ tsp brown sugar)

1 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp water


  1. Cut the pepper, carrots and cucumber into matchstick pieces approximately 2-2.5” long.

  2. If using vermicelli noodles, cook according to package directions and cool.

  3. Follow package instructions to prepare rice wraps (soak each wrap in warm water for approx. 30 seconds until soft).

  4. Place prepared rice wrap flat on a clean surface. Start by placing a few pieces of lettuce about one-third from the bottom of the circular wrapper. The width of your fillings will determine the width of the spring roll. You want to leave a couple inches open on the two sides for wrapping purposes.

  5. Layer on the remaining vegetables, basil and noodles.

  6. Gently pull the bottom of the wrapper up and over the lower portion of the vegetable filling. Fold over the sides onto the filling portion to envelope the filling. Then roll the wrap upwards until all fillings are enveloped. Try to keep the fillings compact as you roll upwards until fully wrapped.


  1. Mix peanut butter, soy sauce and water together in a small bowl. Whisk with fork until smooth.

Enjoy dunking your fresh spring rolls!


Store leftover wraps in a sealed container and sauce in a container or jar.

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