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Want fresh local produce this summer?

Home Grown Vegetables
Vegetable Picking


Not having to stand in line at the grocery store only to be disappointed in the produce selection.


The excitement of opening up a surprise box of the freshest produce each week?

Or eating a delicious meal of the most flavourful produce. 

Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers Market

It is all possible!

With our weekly produce subscription boxes (CSA)

Weekly produce subscription boxes will provide you with local, fresh produce all summer long.

Serving the surrounding areas of Iroquois, Morrisburg, Kemptville ON. Other locations will be added if there is enough demand.

Vegetable Basket

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No more flavourless sweet corn

No more unripe tomatoes

No more wilted lettuce

No more green potatoes

We provide you with the best quality produce that you will love.

Follow this 3 step plan:

It is simple, convenient and tasty!

Step 1:

Sign up for a weekly subscription box here

Organic Vegetables

Step 2:

Meet weekly at a pick-up location in your community to get your box

Vegetable Basket

Step 3:

Enjoy fresh, local, healthy, convenient produce all summer long

Fresh Produce

What will you get in your box?

Fresh Vegetables in Basket

As a member you benefit from:

  • Knowing where your food is coming from

  • Eat healthy and seasonal food

  • Feel good about the food you feed your family

  • Enjoy delicious produce

  • Lower the environmental impact 

  • Support your local farmer

Each week you will receive a different combination of vegetables as different items come in and out of season. You will get 14 boxes of produce, one per week from the week of July 6 - week of October 5, 2020 (approximately) 

Examples of a weekly box: 

Week 2: New potatoes, radishes, green onions, zucchini, lettuce, peas

Week 6: Beans, cucumbers, carrots, onions, peppers, sweet corn, tomatoes

Week 14: Beets, green onions, storage onions, potatoes, squash and spinach.

The above examples are estimates only. What will actually be in your share for each week is determined by mother nature.

Green Beans
Bell Peppers
Red Onions
Bag of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

How do I get my box?

You can pick up your weekly share at a designated pick up location in your community.


(Morrisburg, Kemptville, or Iroquois ON)


If you gather enough people, we can add a drop off location that suits you. Once a pick up location and time has been set, that will remain the same for the season.

Box size options:

FULL SIZE BOX: Is roughly a bushel in size. The full share will have some more diversity than the half share, rather than just double the amount of produce. Full shares a geared to a family with older kids or a couple that eat a lot of vegetables/vegetarians. 

HALF SIZE BOX: Is roughly a half bushel in size. Half shares are geared to a family with small children or a couple. 

SINGLE SIZE BOX: Is roughly the size of a paper grocery bag. Single shares are geared to either a single adult or a couple that don’t eat as many vegetables.

Fresh Green Beans

What If I don't know which size to purchase?

Unsure which size will best fit your family? No worries at all!

You will be able to switch the size of your box twice through the season if you find it isn't meeting your needs.

Simply let us know and we can make adjustments to increase or decrease your size. Price changes will be prorated for that point of the season.

What if I can't make my pick up one week?

No problem!

Simply let us know at least 24 hours before your scheduled pick up time and we can arrange for you to pick up at another pre-determined location another day. 

Money Back Guarantee

Unsure how you will like the program?

You've got your back!

If after receiving your first two produce boxes (before receiving your third box) you are unhappy with the product or service, email us to receive a refund on your remaining boxes. 

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Save $20!

If you refer someone to the program, you will receive a $20 discount on your subscription.

Simply email us and tell us who you referred.

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